Transfiguration’s Day

“Meditation is listening to the God within, the inherent intelligence. The God within is always talking to you, not with words, but with communicating with you via “feelings” throughout your body. Prayer is becoming silent, going within, aligning with and acknowledging God as All-in-All. Meditation and prayer are 2 steps with the same ultimate goal, communion with the God within. You are an expression of the image and likeness of the God within. You are whole and perfect. As you are already perfect, all you need do is to commune with the God within, become aware of that perfection and become healed…”

 “Our bodies always do the right thing. We are passengers on the train of life, not the conductors. Since life began on earth, our God within, our inherent intelligence within each cell of our bodies, has learned to make the optimum adaptation and resolution, to any trauma and stress which our bodies are subjected. Whatever stresses our bodies presently have, our bodily cells have previously learned how to successfully cope with such. It is already built into our genes, our chromosomes and our DNA. Since life began on earth, our inherent intelligence, our God within, has developed self-healing procedures to preserve our life, when subjected to trauma and stress. Otherwise life on earth would have perished billions of years ago.”