To raw food forest loving spirit fellowship from Cherries Angel!

I know a lot of brothers and sisters raw vegan gardeners: we are in the path! You are not alone anymore!! We are pioneers, as are all the Raw vegan gardeners.

The story C’ced

I’m super happy to be a Spiderwoman between raw vegan gardeners who are isolated in their lands. I have watched many videos, and I have traveled and met them. I feel sad for them because their lives are a paradox:  they use YouTube to post their video, use petrol to fill their car, electric laundry, and at the same time they judge our reality! Some of us live in dirty places where they stock recyclable things which are useful and shock my eyes in the Nature. I’m between two worlds and I do have to accept the reality: nothing is black or white. I have created fellowship for us because we need to build a map of places where we can eat, live in this world, I love traveling, and eating different fruits according the climate, the soil!
C’Mai is this idea; we have a fruits trees garden in Montpellier, free to pick up without ask to the owner! It’s the first step of my vision of life –  to live according to strong spiritual values and to be active with the power of loving unconditionally. Few of us have this ability, so we need to be super models of self-discipline, forgiveness, charity and generosity.
I do what I say, and I commit in my actions. I’m responsible for my mistakes. Ok, I’m a multi-talented woman. It’s hard to be different when others are jealous and give you their negative thoughts. Sometimes, my energy is Yin, sometimes it is Yang. I grow my food, plant fruit trees, and do what all human beings have to do, pray and meditate, in silence, I have nothing to sell, I just wish to give and receive love!
My vision is to live on a Tropical Island, build a simple cabana.  Because I’m a French citizen (even though I think we are world citizens!!=) it’s easier for me to live in French Polynesia. I dream to visit Huahiné: Eden park, I haves worked on this project for 3 years but God’s will is not mine, I’m willing to follow signs of my High Power!  I can spend my life walking on the beach and seeing sunset. The Mediterranean has the best weather in Europe for now! We are lucky to live in a charming and peaceful country!
I created organic fruit trees garden in Montpellier: C’Mai (May = month of cherries), S’aimer means love in French, Semer means grow seeds in French, and it’s like a sound’s game!!  We plant more than 56 old variety of Mediterranean fruits trees (the list is on the website in French, sorry!), permaculture is one of our visions of gardening…and living! A lot of cherries trees of course!! My favorite calls Sweet Heart! I created this place in Montpellier for us, raw vegan people as I realize how important our mission is: to educate people to change their eating habits, “you are what you eat”! I did lots of work in order to choose the varieties – 56 different old and Mediterranean fruits trees: cherries (of course, my favorite fruit), apricots, apple, pear, persimmon, nuts, olives, and peach trees. I had an amazing contact with Montpellier’s town hall chief of Green Parks department (who moved last summer to Tahiti!!) I presented our project at the first French permaculture in 2009 after 2 years of research, found all the local contacts, and met all the creative cultural people to gather a maximum of energy to realize the project. We had 2300m2 of space to plant fruit trees, all the varieties were purchased in a friend’s organic farm. We organized the first plantation on the 10th March 2010 – you can see pictures and articles in the local journal of the city of Montpellier! For the first time of my life I was sharing publicly the goal of my life: to create a fruit-producing oasis to feed ourselves!
It became a sort of community garden for everyone! I organized huge raw vegan buffets for politic events! I did it with my whole heart and it worked very well! I’m proud to say that, yes, for the first time in France, a public organic permaculture fruit tree garden existed – not only a private conservatory like your garden for example! I had lots of support from the association C’Mai and I created the C’Cru social network like a huge fellowship of brothers and sisters who help and love each other unconditionally! I accept people without expecting to be loved, love small countries, small islands, modest and simple people who try to avoid their ego’s games with humor!!I want to be present when we need me, a friend should not be virtual. I need to be able to touch them, kiss them, support them as being part of my raw team, share with them freely, cry with them, and have empathy and compassion. My friends know my character’s positive sides and defects, we don’t judge each other. For me fellowships are a model for relationships, I have created our raw vegan fellowship, C’Cru, and I started RawVeganOA meetings, for people like me who are allergic to cooked food like a poison! I’m hyper sensitive, I’m a very special woman who eats directly in gardens, I trust with my intuition and my feelings: I don’t like clothes, cinema, TV, cars, computers, technologies things even if I know how to deal with them perfectly as I’m smart…! I don’t like the winter weather because I need sun and warm weather, my diet is mostly following fruits seasons. During spring and summer time I eat only cherries then, peaches, apricots after that figs and grapes during September and October, then Apples, Kakis during winter. We can also find oranges and mandarins here. I do love tropical fruits but I don’t buy anything which it’s not local, I eat Spanish organic bananas only when I can find them at closing time of the street market! People can’t believe it that I’m able to eat more than 3 kilos of cherries or fruits per day without being sick, it’s not 30 bananas a day but it’s normal for me to follow your body’s messages! I don’t like meal times, because we are unique, sometimes I eat, sometimes I don’t, I realize that if I force myself to have 3 meals a day it doesn’t work. If I eat, I don’t eat before 1 pm and my body prefers that I eat before sunset. I went to French Antilles Islands, I ate oranges, grapefruit straight from the trees with bananas and I felt very good, in China, litchis, watermelons it was in huge quantities, and people were impressed because I’m slim and I have a small stomach so how can I do it? I’m an angel and I follow the message of my body, when I’m full I stop, and like you, my favorite game is to walk, and discover new fruits trees in the forest or lands. I think as gardeners we have to travel around the world without being worried about our houses and food, I don’t like hotels, I love hamacs, and bamboo cabins, My principle of life is unique, I do for others the same as I do for myself, I give always my best, 100% and even more! When I feel depressed, I try to help more than usual, it’s excellent for healing!! I’m not attached to materials things, the most important is the usefulness and beauty of things, I would be pleased to offer any materials if we need it! The law of attraction is true, the more I give the more I receive, I gave all my materials, I live like a monk because I know what is the most precious in life, haha!!  I’m an attractive woman; this is my weakness and my strength! We need each other and our society doesn’t encourage us to be attentive to others, we forget others are a mirror of ourselves! We are forced to be strong, young, handsome, and live individually without help, we need strong sangha and community.  I like weaknesses, I love human relationships, I like conflicts, crises (=opportunities in Chinese, yep opportunities to grow). We are different and unique. I exist and alive and we can grow without being “super heroes” just by being who we are: lights of God, loved unconditionally by this source of energy we can find in Nature. I would like a hand in my hand when I have so much anxiety, I dream about traveling for half a year with my lover, discover the world, by foot and by boat and trains and when it’s really needed, by planes!
Together is better than alone don’t you think? People ignore how powerful I am, a “chief” of love, in a woman’s body. “Cedric” is a Celtic name, it means “chief of warriors”, that is why my parents called me Cedricia, because of my strong character, and my abilities to conduct Big Band orchestra, lead groups, give everyone my leadership when they need great ideas! I love order, and a clean inner house. My external house should be a mirror of my inner clarity. I visited so many dirty farms, I thought how can we live according Nature and live in a rubbish home? I love beauty and find it in Nature, the less I do, the more I surrender, and the more I’m happy! Let go and Let God! Acceptance is the key! I’m quite happy to share directly, I have no doubt, and I follow God’s signs and go ahead without be afraid, honesty is step number in true relationships! I realize my life time is too short to spend my time to change others, so I live freely and I love my independence no matter what! France is a social country, we have a strong protection in case of emergency, you don’t need a credit card like in the US, and we have this sense of solidarity. I live without money almost of my time; I don’t need credit card, passports, and papers, why?? I don’t understand why you need to have so many files, documents to prove your identity. I don’t want a green card; I don’t want to live in a country if without money you are nothing. I live like a monk, I hate shopping, I hate supermarkets, well, and my food is not in a plastic bag or package! I don’t know the future and its better, because if I would have known through which situations I had to go through, I wouldn’t have been strong enough to continue! I’m ready to continue to be a love angel, continue to be detached of materials things, continue to be creative and independent, continue to have faith in Nature, build my ecohouse and feel safe at home, grow my food in a fruit tree garden with many varieties I can find adequate for the soil, manage the first Raw vegan francophone festival C’cru in my own place with any businesses and with my lovely team, manage a big farm with my lover: welcome wwoofers, raw vegan friends, animals, poor people who are lost, abandoned, give them a lots of love, if God wants, have children or adopt poor children. I’m not selfish and I believe our world is not a paradise; I love children, so I prefer they don’t live on Earth!
Also, have fun every single day through laughing, swimming, massaging, hugging and kissing! And spend most of my time in silence with God; this is my n°1 relationship. And continue to travel with my lover, and support each other until death without being married; it’s like a real commitment. And communicate all the time even if it’s not easy, telling feelings, needs and respecting the choices of others.  I need lots of peace and serenity no matter what and I don’t need anything except love, fresh air, hot water, spaces, silence and a safe place to be myself! You are a child of God, a pioneer, a super hero in this crazy world and it is my mission to continue like Spiderwoman to create a link between us, as raw vegan gardeners.
Then I had to go through so much pain, because after the first plantation, some people vandalized some of the fruit trees. Maybe this was a first sign to show me that I needed to start this project in Nature! I can’t imagine life far from the sea or the lagoon I walk every morning on gold sand and with gardening is my meditation time and I can’t live without it! My daily life is an adventure!
My only goal is to start C’ced, my own center to welcome raw vegan seniors, ills, homeless, orphans, animals, protect and preserve Nature, like a conservatory and a nursery for old varieties!  It works for plants and gardens; the force of love is really good for growing, that’s my secret! So if you pray as I pray for you (on a daily basis, I desire to meet someone like you and have a quiet life), miracles happen, for sure, love is always the only thing who can heal me and believe me I’m like a cherries tree in the winter who is lacking water and love from her gardener!
 I can’t wait to buy my own farm to welcome people like you and build cob and plant fruits trees collection like I did,  have created by myself many social network, garden so on, I’m a creator, but never alone, I work in team as we do as permaculture gardeners=) I have career as Music Education researcher, composer, choir conductor, pianist  and composer (it’s me who composed and sing this Earth Hymn, do  you like it, I made the video as well)  that’s how I gained my money! I believe Schools need to be in a garden, I went to most alternative schools and Krishnamurti’s school in UK and California is a model for me, except they need to be raw vegan, I went for a position as psychologist professor but I refuse…My dear mummy said: always be near who you love! I have been educated and raised by parents who falls in love at age of 33 and 42 years old, and believe me or not it’s very painful to remind me the day my mom gone, I had to reanimate her, when it’s your mum keep your self-control and don’t show to your ill daddy mummy gone without I could give my life for her, it’s horrible. I feel orphan since this day…. I have enough money for my couple, family!  I’m still an Amelie Poulain’s girl (do you know this French movie?), she was a discreet lonely French Parisian who offers little presents to others just for their happiness!
We can live without food, we can’t live without love, it’s a vital needs! Because I’m spontaneous and natural, I hug old priors here and they are embarrassed and I joke, ‘cause I have no fears and I’m free from what others’ think about me, I only  listen my little voice who is so sane!
My only goal is to build our ecological farm to welcome raw vegan eaters in our fruits trees garden and be still as I am! I’m a pretty good manager for having money without struggling with society: I play with rules and laws like a Robinhood and I ONLY use all my heart and prayers because I’m not attached (it was the hard work in 2010 to detach with love from all I loved in my life), I’m ready for my new spiritual life: be a beauty in this world and continue as an angel to create links between us and of course observe Nature and plant trees!
Sometimes, we are blind and need spiritual wake to see how we are lucky we are and we ignore we are the richest people in this word because our only needs is to be alive and smile! I would like plant more fruit trees in an ecological and refuge for dependent humans, abandoned animals.
I’m happy 99% of my life and I don’t want a camera to follow me in my adventures!! I keep my mystery!