Some writings

I need to find a land, build my home, have chidren, plant fruits trees and welcome people in need of home! My goal to have so much money is buy land to preserve Nature, like a conservatory and a nursery for old varieties which Montesantos doesn’t produce=)
Tonight,  I filmed my last pumpkin from my garden I carried them in my  car, I always my  food while traveling by car (since september I have recolted old varities of pumpkin I  planted in April),  I love my raw dinner from my garden, so simple, yami!

This morning, the sacred source of water  of Saint Gens was so freezed, I prayed for us, I loved the beautiful ermitage I discovered, I was alone, in silence as usual, delicious meditation time, it seems water is healing all pains, so I will see if miracles happen!