It’s good to swim in the sea!

It was my first walking one the beach (4 hours go and return), my foot on the sand, the wind and the water… I’m so happy to have the willingness to return to the beach. Last year, during my juice fast, I was brave to walk alone among men who were nude and had inappropriate behaviors with me ( sexually I mean). I was scare because my only answer was to walk faster and pray! Why men are so violent with women who are gently walking alone the beach?

I have news from my sister and dad. I trust with God to help us to find the right solution for everyone. I have no energy to go to Paris, and take care of my Dad like in may. It was a nightmare, I prefer to find help here in Montpellier and I feel Ok if my sister takes care of him at her home.

It’s a scandal how seniors people are treated in hospitals, my vegan dad can’t stay there, my only goal is to find a place where I can start a Rawvegan community for us who will become ill and dependent as our destiny! We serve the best support and people who carry us a lots of love.

I know why I’m here. I can’t fly to Tahiti and forget I have a Dad who need support! I do my best here to find balance my daily routines and my needs of spiritual connection with my HP!

Today, I’m happy to have time to reply emails, to write my blog, to notice how many raw vegan people we are in the Earth!

I eat salad from our garden and it’s delicious: it’s a baby step to be autonomous: grow my own food!

I feel energy in my body and a lots of emotions and toxins I try to go out of my body: I need a lots of walks to evacuate all!

I’m happy to welcome new contact in C’cru, which is my dream as leader of the first Francophone Rawvegan community, and my vision become clear of my destiny!