Meditation, Prayers et Spirituality

“Explanations are a waste of time“. Krishnamurti

This summer 2009 is the opportunity to be in nature in connection with my heart and my brothers & sisters, and these“human” being who create the new culture being truly independent of money to meet their needs vital, sometimes living abroad in the maquis, resistance fighters from the shadows, the “warriors of light”, everyday heroes, defenders of living Nature ….

This year 2008-2009, I felt the consequences of the harmful effects of urban pollution, my body was been attacked violently.

Thank you to God for allowing me to go through this, survivor, guiding me in the economic “warof the present society which is not built on spiritual values ​​of sharing with others without expecting anything.

I love unconditionally, I live in a monastic & simple life. I suffer from choices of my boyfriend who wants live in cities, I see the consequences of their diseases of civilization, but I accept without judging in a unconditional way, without giving advice, I try to accept other in the richness of its differences, what beauty and freedom to know that we are all unique!

Thank you to those who sent their prayers and have shown their support and attendance  while I was losing hope in humanity!

Thank you for  cherry a spiritual fruit I love!

Thank you to the joy of knowing that I‘ll be right back into nature and I  plant trees and garden.

Returning to England in the 14 to 21 July 2009: Buddhafield Festival, I have suffered for a week in the rain but I was connected by an unconditional love with the participants of this festival, I may be Yatra in France (see dates in social networks), the first Festival in 2009 Permaculture Sambourg, 21, 22 and 23 August, then from August 24 to 31, then return to France to explore the land and carry C ‘May C’Cru Ceret?

I continue to work to make this beautiful project is a resource center for us with our CC values, a place dedicated to the living, only my brakes, my fears!

I have a lot of love to give, too much can be enough for those who need it!

God is there in nature and full of emptiness and silence our laughter!