Silence in July

“We’re not human beings sharing a spiritual experience… We are spiritual beings sharing a human experience.”

It is best not to talk unless you have to say this is more beautiful than silence.

Viva Energy QI that connects us in this dimension, where the words no longer serve anything, just to deceive the other, intuition and feeling are our communication tools for real!

In July 2009, I met Christopher Titmuss again that really touched me in his dialogues Buddhafield, I admire his sense of humor, quick analysis of our daily life in simplicity. He was among the first to speak in its Newsletter on my project Green Sangha Center in 2008 which has become a weekend C’Mai C’Vennes. I could appreciate its program to deepen the Dharma in 2006.

As in all my visits to England, I appreciate the calm of the English countryside, green and cottages, in my heart, memories of the week at the Krishnamurti Foundation in 2006, but it helps me to build the puzzle my vision of a place for us “Creative Crulinaires” place where everyone could relax without trial, in opening the heart and the radical and total respect for all living things.

Each of my meetings, never happened to lead me to the truth of God, a pastor in the bus in Paris last Thursday, a comedian telling me about a film about the unusual gardens, a festival in England “Space of Love” linking books Anastasia, crudivégétalienne food, and love. I discovered these books offered who have just confirmed that I was born in France a Anastasia .

I work to create gardens and plant fruit trees, I know it will be my challenge for 2010.

Thibaut supports me in this sense, is not this “gardener Alchemist” of my heart? I have immense gratitude for this researcher “Sunflower” which for more than seven years with me in the most difficult moments of my life, near death as in the simple pleasures of our life together. Tolerance, patience and tenderness are the three pillars of our relationship and I thank life to have met him.

Proven by my recent travels, the energy I need to just breathe in Paris, to protect me from the bustle of cities, I took refuge in the arms of Providence, sure everything is written and I act the best I can to survive and can be witness that I do not agree at all values ​​of this company but I no longer struggle for change, I pray that God does, and prayer walking in the desperate situations.

Thank you to Mappy, Muriel, Yves-Bernard to continue managing the network of CC with the vision of geese take turns of course!

Thank you to Esther and Serge Bianca for their help in managing the network of C. .. Cru!

Thank you to Danie for his presence and his attentions to his worksheet Bamboo say in words better than I, what I feel in this truth of life!

Thank you to all my spiritual brothers and sisters who walk in anonymity but are essential to my life now where I am on this Earth, I connect with them in prayer.

C’Aimez unconditionally while we are alive!