I Believe the Most Important Beauty Is the Heart and Soul

I started a blog for several years and I cleared out of modesty. Writing is my channel to express what I think secretly since a teenager, I started diaries. It give a voice to my doubts, my anger, my sadness, my joy

I kept all my notes, my email as a record of those conversations with God. I‘m keeping the archives of autobiographical heritage site that receives my letters filled with these booksa Cédricia, loving life.
Today I walked along the sea, I also bathed, I like the beach with naturist Aresquiers between the ponds and the Cathedral of Maguelone. Is the only place where cars do not come,they stop the car park. I am in the morning silence with providence and I feed marine elements, wind, sun.

Now unable to accept a reality around me is a mirror of my interior concrete constructions around Montpellier, what a shock!

I did not go to the Dharma Yatra this year, I learned to walk alone, to live alone in communion with God. I draw on elements of nature that invisible force that connects me to the beauty of the whole.

I have so much to live, to share, I tell myself that life is short, I have not seen everything, visited, I remain in my present moment, everything is exactly as I have to live for I have entrusted my life to God.

I discovered other fraternities anonymous, they feed my need for unconditional acceptance as human and makes me confident of the need to share anonymously with spiritual brothers and sisters without judgment.

Today, I said No to modern life (such as Rosa Parks!) And yes to living Nature, in my intuition, tender gestures, the smiles and the love when it presents itself as these moments areour link to the infinite power of our soul.

I also chose to dress with the pink for Just Pink‘: pink as the stone of the heart chakra, offered by my friend Danie Azout, the color of the female and hope, pink Gulabi Gang India and the peace movement Code Pink in the United States, the rose of love, the true, pure, one who nourishes and slice right, difficult in this world.