What I dream

I  like when people treat others with unconditionnal love even if it’s virtual. I doesn’t matter about the food,  I know some  raw food people who are really selfish especially my last contacts with American. I don’t want to live in USA, because I don’t like the American system and I’m not American citizen, I’m an European woman and I love to be in countries where I can move freely without be stressed by a visa or green card formalities.

I met people who are addicts, who promise everything but are not able to respect their commitment, in one word the black and white personalities.  I like people who are sane in their relationships with a little bit sense of psychology  & communication.
That’s why I want to live far away from stressful and negative people  because I’m sensible more than commun human being, I’m born vegan!
I will go to French Polynesia and build  C’ced’s center for ill, retired, people and animals.  I don’t need men to continue my goal, I  work alone as a leader even if it’s very painful to be always before others with new ideas, creative projects. My only priority is to build this biggest Edens garden where I can welcome any raw vegan, adopt children and be free about people who are so self centered=)
It’s always good to know we are few green gardener guerilla who plant fruits trees. God bless us! Every single cherry I eat, I plant the seed in the soil, you can imagine how many cherries trees I have planted: billions, I eat more than 60 pounds each day during the season, without be ill!

For the first time of my life, I feel a deep fatigue as an Amma who gives so much love to others, it’s time to take care of me: I have a big surgeon the 21th of May, because I have created C’cru raw vegan community, I have support from friends who  prefer people thant their food=)
I’m not a helper, I’m C’ced,  I will live in a traditionnal Fare, where I feel enough secure to do what I want without ask permission to do mistakes and learn of them, I love doing mistake, it’s the only way to learn! As teacher I encourage students to do their own mistakes to learn about them by themself!
I need to continue to grow spiritually because I’m still have the same opinion of  human being, I have been so much dispointed by all of them.
Well, I’m in the Now and I deal with my reality and  people even if I don’t like some of their behavior, I’m still lonely and I appreciate to be alone in all my affairs!
I don’t know about the future, I continue to pray for all the person who learn me about Love, I have hope to meet a person raised vegan who is enough adult to know what is crucial in life!

Because I trust with God, I’m always connected with this source of Love, that’s why I can use computer and others technologies things I don’t like, because I’m protected and blessed as a Angel!
Cherries don’t grow in tropical Islands but I will explore places in French Polynesian Mountains where I can buy some acres and plant old varieties we have in France!

Now I meditate alone in the garden, I contacted many Raw vegan leaders after watched them on Youtube, some of them replied others are too busy or arogant to take time to know me, it’s hard to create links between us!

I’m still fan about dances,  plants and how to grow them in different area, yes it’s spring’s time, and that’s why my body as woman is getting sick, you can guess why easily without explanation!

I’m retired and I’m happy to say: I have nothing to do except to be alive, breathe, I take time for look things and observe people. I’m free to travel, without have a garden to take care after I’ve transmitted what I have created to my association C’Mai! Now, I prefer to be in Nature  and explore it than to be slave by any attachments, which are the roots of suffering!