Happy St Valentin

My ideal partner is raw vegan or vegan,  available to commit for long friendship  and emotionnally  to communicate clearly. Someone who is not a smoker, has no active addiction, single with no children, independent living his own home and with free to move everywhere (financially self-sufficient, not attached to family), no more 10 years of age difference, living geographically closed to me. Someone with a very good sense of humour (joke about himself, no ego), very sensitive with spiritual values, passionated gardener, happy and positive, has a good awareness of his defects, no judgmental of others without playing ” a victim” or a “saver” role,  a deep worker in his own personnal &  psychological growth, a lover of orchards, well-educated in permaculture, willing to start a organic farm.

1- a true partner someone to share equally in the responsabilities of life (neither partner feels or is taken advantage of)

2- an intimate relationship (someone who can see into me, see my dark side and light side. Someone with whom I can take emotional risks and let them in behind the wall I put up and not abandon me (totally accepting of me -good and bad without expectations to change; if change comes it from God…)

3- a monogamous relationship -spiritually and sexually where I show reverence and respect of our love and commitment (i.e demonstrate I am n1 all the time of my life (before, job, family and friends) with honor and cherrishment).

4- someone with whom I am free to be truthful -not afraid tobe honest- both omission and commission.

5- a lover -open, honest, physically available to tenderness and physical gestures of caring. Foot massage is the best.

6- fair play- total commitment to harmony through far, expedient compromise using the rules to keep our disagreement within bounds and open commitment to a quick fair resolution to restore harmony in our relationship.

7- safe, loving, nurturing home-emotionally stable filled with love and self-sacrifice for the good of the union.

8- a balanced relationship who nurtures of our couplehood. Someone to grow old with til the death.

9- someone who will share in our combined vision of our future, our lives to come, with whom I can strive to reach a mutual  goal of serene old age where we look back on happiness in the journey -not a finishing line.

10- My n1 fan, supporter, best friend, confidant, lover, spouse, husband, father, companion and hero- where we revere each other through sacrifice and love to become one and that the one we become can give back and help others).