Happy St Valentin

My ideal partner is raw vegan or vegan,  available to commit for long friendship  and emotionnally  to communicate clearly. Someone who is not a smoker, has no active addiction, single with no children, independent living his own home and with free to move everywhere (financially self-sufficient, not attached to family), no more 10 years of age difference, living geographically closed to me. Someone with a very good sense of humour (joke about himself, no ego), very sensitive with spiritual values, passionated gardener,

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10 years of C’cru: les chinoiseries crulinoises raphaeloises by Ced

Pour fêter les 10 ans du réseau C’cru premier réseau crudi végétalien de France depuis 2008, venez à St Raphael, au quartier des arts pour partager moment convivial entre crulinaires. Thème: spécial Nouvel an chinois!! Chacun apporte ses chinoiseries crus pour une après-midi pour fêter 10 ans du réseau autour de créations “crulinoises” et raphaeloises . Grafiteria prévue pour donner et trouver son bonheur dans l’échange d’objets et vêtements. Petite ballade bord de mer si beau temps. Toutes idées bienvenues.

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Before celebrating St Valentin…

Some books interesting to know what is a loving and healthy relationship: If the Buddha Dated: A Handbook for Finding Love on the Spiritual Path, by Charlotte Sophia Kasl Easy Does it Dating Guide for People in Recovery, by Mary Faulkner Calling in “The One,” by Katherine Woodward Thomas How to be an Adult in Relationships, David Richo Getting the Love You Want, Harville Hendricks The Five Love Languages, Gary Chapman Couple Skills, Matthew McKay Sexual Anorexia, Overcoming Sexual Self-Hatred,

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